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AL East could send four teams to playoffs

AL East could send four teams to playoffs

Back in the early part of the century, if you were a fan of the Blue Jays, the Rays or the Orioles, it always felt like you were in third place before the season even started. Being Toronto, Baltimore or Tampa Bay was a little like being peaceful Tatooine as you watch the Empire and the Rebel Alliance shower each other with lasers. No matter what you did, you weren’t overpowering either the Yankees or Red Sox.

This division sure doesn’t feel that way anymore, and the new playoff format makes it more compelling than usual.

Allow me to set the scene: Let us not forget that, amazingly, there were four teams in the AL East that won at least 91 games last season. (The NL East had, uh, zero teams that did that, though it did have one that won the World Series.) And you can make a legitimate argument that all four teams will be just as good this year … if not better.

You, of course, have the Red Sox and the Yankees, the juggernauts they always are: The Empire and the Alliance will…

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