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Bobby Witt Jr.’s talent, mindset guide him on road to Majors

Bobby Witt Jr.'s talent, mindset guide him on road to Majors

Bobby Witt Jr. remembers sitting in classroom after classroom at Colleyville Heritage High School, listening intently to the question being asked while he racked his brain for an answer.

“What do you want to major in,” teachers and administrators would ask, “when you go to college?”

Witt Jr. didn’t have an answer. Most of the time, he’d make one up off the top of his head. There was only one major he was focused on, and it wasn’t a degree. It’s a league.

“It’s always been this,” Witt Jr. said last summer, gesturing to the field he played on every day for Double-A Northwest Arkansas. “It’s a different feeling when I’m out there. I am so incredibly blessed. I keep saying that over and over again, but there’s no truer words to describe how it is and how lucky I am.”

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Witt Jr. feels different when he takes the field, and it’s a different feeling watching him do so. At 21 years old, he’s one of the youngest players at the upper…

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