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How high is 2022 Dodgers ceiling

How high is 2022 Dodgers ceiling

It’s easy to forget, but there was a lot that didn’t go right for the Dodgers in 2021.

Throw in the fact that the out-of-nowhere Giants won 107 games and put up far more of a fight than anyone expected, and it wasn’t at all the perfect season that so many thought the Dodgers were capable of.

They still, it should be noted, won 106 games. Woe is them, right?

And that — as everyone celebrates the unexpected fact that Freddie Freeman will be wearing Dodger blue in 2022 and five years beyond — is where our heads are at. Will the 2022 Dodgers and their ludicrous lineup post all-time historic numbers? Will they challenge all-time wins records?

Sure, maybe, if everything goes right. But the point here is that for as much value as Freeman brings, he’s joining a team that just won 106 games and now is without Seager. He’s joining a team that in 2019, the last full season, also won 106 games. In that abbreviated 60-game season in between? They were on a 116-win pace and won the…

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