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White Sox’ Yasmani Grandal busts out in win over Rangers

What to expect from White Sox catcher Yasmani Grandal in 2022

Sox observations: Grandal busts out in big win originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

The White Sox washed away the stink of their disappointing series loss to the Dodgers on Thursday, by scratching out a win in their series opener against the Rangers. Each team opted to deploy their bullpens from start to finish, yet it was still a low scoring affair for most of the night. There was even the return of a little Small Ball to the South Side as the Sox started the weekend series on the right foot with an 8-3 victory.


Before Friday’s game, Tony La Russa said getting six outs from Reynaldo López would be “happiness,” as the Sox opted to use a bullpen day rather than a starter. Not only did López deliver those six outs, he did in a decisive fashion, allowing only one hit and striking out three, so La Russa must have been ecstatic. That gave the offense the opportunity to jump out to a 1-0 lead early on, and set up Davis Martin to come in and eat five more innings afterwards. López now has pitched one inning or more, while giving up no earned runs, in 14 of his 22 appearances. His ERA is down to 3.96. It may be tempting to try to stretch him out a bit more to see if he can earn even more outs when needed, but given López’ success in his current role, it may be best to not mess with his workload.


Literally. This wasn’t your typical sports cliché, like when you hear a player “stole a pitch,” or a team “stole a win.” Robert manufactured a run all by himself in the sixth inning after he reached base by beating out a double-play ball. After a couple of futile pickoff attempts from Tyson Miller, Robert was off and running, and grabbed second easily. He wasn’t done there, though. Robert took off again for third, and this time forced an errant throw from catcher Sam Huff. As the ball dribbled into left field, Robert trotted home for an easy run, and tied the game at 2-2.