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Why White Sox trade for Eloy Jiménez, Dylan Cease is Rick Hahn’s favorite

Why Rick Hahn continues to believe in White Sox turnaround

Why Jiménez, Cease trade is Rick Hahn’s favorite originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

In his tenure as White Sox GM, Rick Hahn has orchestrated dozens of big moves. From free agent signings to splashy trades, he has not shied away from franchise-altering decisions. But on Shane Riordan’s “Bourbon and a Buddy” podcast, Hahn revealed the one that stands alone as his favorite.

“I really like the Eloy (Jiménez) and (Dylan) Cease trade, and not simply because those are two really talented players that we’re thrilled to have,” Hahn said on the podcast. “I like that because it was emblematic of doing something that nobody expected this organization to do. That is a crosstown deal, a major acquisition between these two teams, an acknowledgment that we’re both in different positions. Obviously that 2017 Cubs team was going for it, and that made it make sense for them to acquire José (Quintana), and we were a team in a rebuild. We were willing to openly, honestly and frankly help each other in what we were trying to accomplish at that stage.”

Hahn added a caveat that the deal was the first favorite to come to mind, and if asked again another day, he may have another answer. But the deal came to mind because of all that surrounded it, as well, like the fact that it was scooped on Reddit by some interestingly named users.

“WetButt23, and others… (KatyPerrys)Bootyhole coming from that made it enjoyable,” Hahn said.

In addition, Hahn enjoyed dealing with Cubs GM Theo Epstein, and appreciated how the two were able to work together.

“All my conversations with Theo through that were just open and candid about, ‘Look, this hasn’t happened in a really long time between our two clubs. Let’s try to come up with a baseball deal, and then if for whatever reason some bulls*** gets in the way and sidetracks it in the end, and we can’t do it, no need to apologize to each other.

“We were able to pull it together. I think that spoke volumes about each…

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