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Ex-Giants get chance at MLB playoffs

Ex-Giants get chance at MLB playoffs

Trade deadline winners, losers: Ruf, Casali land in good spots originally appeared on NBC Sports Bayarea

SAN FRANCISCO — For most of the morning on Major League Baseball’s trade deadline day on Tuesday, Eric Hosmer was the top trending topic in the country. Just as everyone expected.

Hosmer’s no-trade clause was the last holdup in the blockbuster Juan Soto trade, and it was a lose-lose situation for the veteran. If he waived it, he would end up with a rebuilding organization that he put on his 10-team no-trade list years ago. If he somehow led to the cancellation of the trade, he would go back to a clubhouse and city that knew he was responsible for keeping Soto from being a San Diego Padre.

Everything ultimately worked out. Hosmer ended up in Boston, Soto got his trade, and the Padres got one of the best young hitters the game has ever seen. They are the clear winner of the trade deadline, no matter what happens in October.

If you have any doubts about that, just visit Petco Park sometime. The Padres’ aggression has brought true life to that fan base, and the Gaslamp District during a Padres game might be the best baseball atmosphere in America right now. The Padres went all-in and they might be rewarded.

Here are some other winners, and also some losers, from the annual deadline:

Winner: Juan Soto

For a lot of reasons, obviously, but let’s just all take a second to congratulate him on being a 23-year-old who now gets to spend the next three years, and possibly a lot longer, living in San Diego. It was a muggy 91 degrees in Washington D.C. on Tuesday and a sunny 79 in San Diego. Plus, the Tin Fish is, like, right next door.

Will the Padres win it all? Maybe. Maybe not. But Juan Soto is winning at life right now.

Winner: Victor Oladipo

Raise your hand if you had the Miami Heat’s fifth-leading scorer making a cameo in the biggest trade story in deadline history.

This is an easy one. Sure, they got perhaps the best prospect haul in MLB history. But this is a team that had Soto, Bryce Harper, Trea Turner, Max Scherzer and Anthony Rendon and now has none of them. Nationals ownership decided that Stephen Strasburg was the one to get the huge deal, and he has been so banged up he’s made just eight appearances over the last three seasons.

Read that list again.

That’s three future Hall of Famers and maybe a fourth if Turner keeps this up into his thirties. Most organizations dream of having just one position player as talented as Harper, Soto or Turner, and…

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