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How much better does Juan Soto make the Padres? Plus, remembering Vin Scully

How much better does Juan Soto make the Padres? Plus, remembering Vin Scully

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The Padres have won the race for arguably the best young player to be traded since Babe Ruth. And that’s no exaggeration. Juan Soto is headed to San Diego in one of the biggest trades in recent memory.

It took a huge haul, but Soto is more than worth it. At just 23, he has the second-highest career OBP through a player’s age-23 season in the Modern Era behind only Ted Williams. Even this season, where his batting average is down and he’s had little help in the Nats lineup, Soto’s .408 OBP is third in the bigs. The Padres earned an “A” for the move, writes R.J. Anderson.

  • Anderson: “Adding Soto to an already good roster for up to three playoff runs is the kind of opportunity that doesn’t come around often. It’s the kind of high-leverage maneuver where any cost is justified, even if it means mostly emptying out what remains of your farm system. … That the Padres got more than just Soto here is hard to fathom — and that the ‘more’ is another good, in-demand player … well, jeez.”

The Nationals‘ grade wasn’t as pretty, which, frankly, is to be expected when you have a Hall-of-Fame track star leaving, even if the return is impressive. It’s been a great last few days for the Padres, which I talked about a bit yesterday. According to SportsLine’s calculations, the Padres’ playoff chances jumped from 68% to 79%. They only have a five percent chance to win it all, but when you add a young star who already has a dominant World Series performance on his resume, perhaps those numbers aren’t doing San Diego justice.

So, what will the Padres’ lineup look like going forward? Dayn Axisa put together something like this:

Good luck, opposing pitchers.

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