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Ranking last 10 World Series: Where does Astros-Phillies land after memorable Fall Classic?

Ranking last 10 World Series: Where does Astros-Phillies land after memorable Fall Classic?

HOUSTON – The 2022 World Series is in the books and though it didn’t make it the distance, it was a dandy with some very memorable moments. We saw plenty of things we’ve never seen before and that’s always special. It was a David vs. Goliath battle in which David won two of the first three battles. The dust is still settling. 

Now, as we attempt to reflect on what we just saw — and in trying to stave off recency bias — let’s have a little fun and rank the last 10 World Series. Why 10? It’s a fine enough number to have enough great World Series mixed in with a few minor duds and it isn’t too cumbersome. 

This ranking is entirely subjective and it’s just me doing it. No one else had a vote, so when someone inevitably wants to complain about it on social media, it’s Matt Snyder’s list, not CBS Sports collective. I’ve been in person for every single game on this list except 2020, for obvious reasons. For those unaware, it’s no secret I’m a Cubs fan, so brace yourself for an easy No. 1 pick. 

What kinds of things make a World Series great? Going seven games helps, but sometimes six packs enough punch. Drama is great. Things we rarely see also helps. Also, it’s a crowded list because pretty much every World Series is great. Even the last sweep provided us with a three-homer game from Pablo Sandoval, joining only Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson and Albert Pujols on that illustrious list. That’s just an example to illustrate that the “worst” World Series still isn’t “bad.” 

Let’s get to it. 

10. 2020 – Ending an unusual season

Look, the league did the best it could, but it just wasn’t the same without seeing packed-to-the-gills home crowds living and dying with every big hit. The dramatic Rays comeback in Game 4 could have been an enduring moment, but they were essentially outplayed in five of the six games. The Dodgers‘ comeback in Game 6 seemed inevitable. It was a real title and the Dodgers were the best team start to finish that season, but I just can’t get excited about this one in my memory. 

9. 2018 – Red Sox roll 

As noted in the intro, no World Series are “bad.” It only took five games here for the Red Sox to extinguish the Dodgers, but Game 1 needed a late-inning homer from pinch-hitter Eduardo Nuñez to put things away and the Dodgers had a lead in Game 2 until a Red Sox rally in the fifth was capped by a two-RBI J.D. Martinez single. Game 3 was the marathon 18-inning…

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