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Carlos Correa free agency: Ranking all 30 teams as possible landing spots with fringe contenders leading list

Carlos Correa free agency: Ranking all 30 teams as possible landing spots with fringe contenders leading list

Once we get past this week, Thanksgiving week, the MLB hot stove should actually, finally heat up. The Winter Meetings are set for early December and there’s generally a pretty good amount of action before getting closer to Christmas. One of the biggest free agents on the market is Carlos Correa

Correa, 28, hit free agency last offseason but didn’t find a long-term deal to his liking. He took a three-year deal with the Twins that had an opt-out clause after one year and most people knew from the get-go that it was basically a one-year deal. He’s now testing the waters again. 

Where might he end up? Let’s take a look at the most likely landing spots and, yes, we’ve eliminated more than half the league before even getting started. He’s likely already done the same, so why shouldn’t we? 

Not happening

30. Pirates
29. Reds
28. Brewers
27. Marlins
26. Athletics
25. Astros
24. Royals
23. Guardians
22. Rays

The ship has sailed with the Astros. The rest can’t or won’t afford the deal Correa will get. 

Unlikely, but not impossible

21. Rockies
20. Mets
19. Nationals
18. Rangers
17. Blue Jays
16. Tigers
15. White Sox

The financial means are there and some depth chart shuffling could be done, but it’s just not in their plans or Correa wouldn’t sign there. 

The Wild Cards

14. Angels – I don’t think they’re going to add another mega-contract to the books, especially amid rumors they might trade Shohei Ohtani (they’ve denied the rumors, but there’s a reason those exist). Plus, owner Arte Moreno is set to sell the team. If, somehow, a sale comes together quickly and the new owner has time to make a splash, maybe it’s possible. You never know. 

13. Diamondbacks – They look ready to turn the corner and contend again. They also have a pretty low payroll and could spend a ton of money this offseason. The lineup is also very lefty-heavy right now and the D-Backs are said to be focusing on right-handed power this offseason. Correa checks that box. Are they willing to spend what it would take to convince Correa to join a team that surely can’t compete with the Dodgers for the division title right now? That’s where there’s a disconnect, for me. 

12. Padres – It sure feels like the Padres are at or at least near their limit with payroll and filling out the rotation needs to be a higher priority than a luxury like Correa. Then again, he’s Carlos Freaking Correa. Could they surprise and pull off…

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