WooSox Say Thank You to Employees with YES Awards

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January 11, 2023 – International League (IL)Worcester Red Sox News Release

For Worcester Red Sox President Dr. Charles Steinberg, only one word can be used to describe his employees: Love. For a ballpark nestled in the Heart of the Commonwealth and adorned with heart-shaped light posts and iconography, love is the central tenant of Polar Park operations.

WooSox employees act with love in all of their actions, making it a point to welcome each and every fan to Polar Park and assist them with anything they may need. Steinberg credits Larry Lucchino, WooSox chairman and principal owner, for creating a culture of love for fans, all built on the simple word: “Yes.”

“​​Larry Lucchino for decades has proclaimed that we are in the ‘yes business,'” Steinberg says. “There’s always a way to help somebody, there’s always a way to help a charity, there’s always a way to figure out a solution to a problem. And the little word ‘yes’, we understand to be one of the most powerful words in helpfulness and kindness.”

To embody the word ‘yes,’ Steinberg and Lucchino created the YES Awards to reward the WooSox employees who utilize it best. According to Steinberg, this special recognition is designed to be a momentary, simple reminder that validates the qualities that are the reason employees are on the WooSox team in the first place.

“You look for people who will treat you the way you want to be treated at a ballgame,” Steinberg says. “If you have a question and you ask it to the Usher, you want that usher to look at you-smile, be approachable, be high, be knowledgeable-and be helpful. That’s a lot, and yet we all think that we can do that, and so we created the YES Awards.”

Steinberg’s idea for an employee recognition award is more than 20 years in the making, first developed when Steinberg and Lucchino worked for the San Diego Padres.

What is more impressive for Steinberg than the conduct YES Awards recipients enact toward fans, is their conduct toward their colleagues.

“You know what people do? They look out for each other,” Steinberg says. “You’ll have an usher tell us the story about what another usher, or a member of security, or a parking attendant did. Now you have contagious goodwill, this validation of ancient wisdom that says one good deed begets another, leading to an exponential presentation of good deeds, and then you’re really enhancing the community.”

With fan service at the forefront of front office focus, Steinberg hopes his recognition of…

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