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Signing Scouts For The Top 100 Prospects

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Becoming a professional ballplayer is challenging enough, but becoming a Top 100 Prospect means a player’s tools and production are among the best of the best.

Before they reach that status, however, players have to catch the eyes of scouts across the country. Then, when it’s time to make draft picks or hammer out a deal with a player on the international market, those scouts have to make their case about why their team should acquire the player.

Here, Baseball America presents a chart with all of the 2023 Top 100 Prospects and the scouts credited with their signings. 

Rank Player Team Signing Scout
1 Gunnar Henderson Orioles David Jennings
2 Corbin Carroll D-backs Dan Ramsay
3 Jackson Chourio Brewers Fernando Veracierto/Luis Perez
4 Jordan Walker Cardinals Charles Peterson
5 Andrew Painter Phillies Victor Gomez
6 Grayson Rodriguez Orioles Thom Dreier
7 Eury Perez Marlins Angel Izquierdo/Fernando Seguignol
8 Elly De La Cruz Reds Richard Jimenez
9 Francisco Alvarez Mets Andres Nuñez/Ismael Perez
10 Marcelo Mayer Red Sox J.J. Altobelli
11 James Wood Nationals John Martin (Padres)
12 Gabriel Moreno D-backs Francisco Plasencia (Blue Jays)
13 Jordan Lawlar D-backs J.R. Salinas
14 Anthony Volpe Yankees Matt Hyde
15 Jackson Holliday Orioles Ken Guthrie
16 Kodai Senga Mets Jeff Kusumoto
17 Ezequiel Tovar Rockies Rolando Fernandez/Orlando Medina
18 Diego Cartaya Dodgers Luis Marquez/Roman Barinas/Cliff Nuiter/Jean Castro
19 Daniel Espino Guardians Ethan Purser
20 Gavin Williams Guardians Pete Loizzo
21 Bobby Miller Dodgers Marty Lamb
22 Jackson Merrill Padres Danny Sader
23 Endy Rodriguez Pirates Anderson Taveras (Mets)
24 Druw Jones D-backs Hudson Belinsky
25 Pete Crow-Armstrong Cubs Rusty McNamara (Mets)
26 Evan Carter Rangers Derrick Tucker/Ryan Coe
27 Brandon Pfaadt D-backs Jeremy Kehrt
28 Hunter Brown Astros Scott Oberhelman
29 Triston Casas Red Sox Willie Romay
30 Miguel Vargas Dodgers Roman Barinas/Mike Tosar
31 Ricky Tiedemann Blue Jays Joey Aversa
32 Shane Baz Rays Wayne Mathis (Pirates)
33 Brett Baty Mets Harry Shelton
34 Sal Frelick Brewers Ty Blankmeyer
35 Tyler Soderstrom Athletics Kevin Mello
36 Curtis Mead Rays Howard Norsetter/Derrick Chung/Roberto Aquino (Phillies)
37 Marco Luciano Giants Jonathan Bautista
38 Kyle Harrison Giants Keith Snider
39 Colson Montgomery White Sox Justin Wechsler
40 Mick Abel Phillies Zach Friedman
41 Colton Cowser Orioles Thom Dreier
42 Logan O’Hoppe Angels Alex Agostino (Phillies)
43 Royce Lewis Twins John Leavitt
44 Taj Bradley Rays Milt Hill
45 Brooks Lee Twins Brian Tripp
46 Emmanuel Rodriguez Twins Manuel Luciano
47 Tink Hence Cardinals Dirk Kenney
48 Masyn Winn Cardinals Jabari Bennett
49 Termarr Johnson

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